Polli – 140 anni di amore per la terra

“Centoquarantanni di amore per la terra” is a story in pictures, made by the prestigious goals of two masters of photography, Ferdinando Scianna and Nino Migliori, and the pen of one of the greatest exponents of the Italian literary scene, Antonio Pascale. The result? A book and an exhibition to pay tribute to the 140 years of love for the fruits of the land of the Polli family.

“I wanted to explore the picturesque Tuscan places where the company stands, trying to relate them with the beauty and vitality of these three girls” – Ferdinando Scianna

“I took the celebratory jar of Polli and I have transformed the image in 50 different ways, to give an idea of how the company over the years has transformed themselves in continuity but also innovation, through the revival of its values in more modern terms, “- Nino Migliori

“Within the text, I wanted to draw a parallel between the history of the Polli family and that of my grandparents, southern farmers”. Antonio Pascale