Nescafé – Brunch

The goal of the activity is to make the brand Nescafé the symbol of a true lifestyle in Italy. Thanks to Brunch, the brand is no longer just the name of a product, but it is the mouthpiece of a trendy lifestyle that can interpret and satisfy the taste of its consumers.

Brunch (an acronym of breakfast + lunch) was born from the idea of combining, during the weekend , breakfast and lunch in a single meal, featuring the long coffee. This trend, born in the United States around the 70s, was also met by a strong response thanks to Nescafé, soon becoming a cross-cultural phenomenon. A lifestyle that emerged thanks to  a “Stories of Brunch”, a cooking-reportage of stories and recipes, of life and ingredients produced by TV chef, Simone Rugiati.

Stories each built around a different way of understanding the experience of the Brunch, which has become a cultural phenomenon that has changed the habits of many Italians on Sundays.