Bibite Sanpellegrino – Meraviglia italiana

Celebrating the Meraviglia Italiana and talking about the scents and flavors of the Mediterranea since 1932 are captured in the iconic club of Bibite Sanpellegrino to be transformed into an inimitable taste. With this goal, we have supported the project Meraviglia Italiana, an art installation that involved three emblem talents of Italian excellence.

Some selected works of artists to be exposed: the photographs of Giovanni Gastel depicting the sea of Capri, the beautiful landscapes of Filicudi and the intense eyes of people who work and live on the streets; fragments of Gianrico Carofiglio taken from the Solicitor’s, Mr. Guerrieri, novels, which describe the melancholy beauty of Bari, the smell of salty air, the sky that changes with the seasons; and jewelry Margherita Maccapani Missoni made with colors and materials that recall the sea and its “secrets”.