Baci Perugina – Autografi d’Amore

Italian celebrities

Using the universal language of the heart to celebrate romantic love, but especially universal love. This is the Baci Perugina commitment that, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2014, we supported designing the campaign “Autografi d’amore” or “Autographs of love” in collaboration with Agire (Agenzia Italiana Risposta Emergenze) and sees Italian artists of the caliber of Alessandro Siani, Claudia Gerini, Claudio Amendola, Francesca Blacks, Beppe Fiorello, Vincenzo Salemme and many other beloved characters from the entertainment world.

Acting as a special “Cupid”, they have donated exciting thoughts of love that, written on the legendary cards, they have become part of the limited edition Baci Perugina dedicated to Valentine’s Day. All this to support “Data4Life”, a project that aims to optimise resources in case of emergencies.


Tiziano Ferro, 2015

“Give me a smile/I’ll hand you a rose” as Tiziano Ferro sang fourteen years ago at the dawn of his international success and, in 2015, it became one of the romantic messages that accompanied the Baci Perugina of the limited edition “Autographs of Love”. After the success of 2014, the love cartouches of celebrities returned and the 2015 “autograph” is the one of the singer who sold over 10 million records worldwide and his songs have become the soundtrack of many lovers.

We supported Baci Perugina in making his eternal passionate message even more powerful and meaningful, celebrating together with Tiziano Ferro the universal language of the heart. A unique and original limited edition that Tiziano Ferro, acting as a special “Cupid”, donated exciting thoughts of love from his most famous song for the cards that have always accompanied the historical chocolates.


Fedez, 2016

The cartouche with the tattoos and texts of Fedez revolutionise the world of Baci Perugina after 90 years.  The loves that often arise between the notes of a song are fed by passionate lyrics in which millions of lovers will recognise and many couples continue to dream, especially the younger ones.

Baci Perugina collects the most beautiful phrases taken from Fedez songs and conveyed them in the scrolls of the 2016 Limited Edition. Not only songs, but also unpublished sentences and especially tattoos, a distinctive sign of the singer, will be the star of this Valentine’s Day.

i questo San Valentino.